Trying to {embrace the camera}…

Luke and I have been trying to get a self portrait on the camera phone here lately.   Trying being the key word.

I think we might need a little more practice.  :)

For more folks that embraced the camera and maybe even caught their whole faces, check out Emily’s blog:

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  1. I am AWFUL at taking self portraits on my phone.. I thought everyone had that skill mastered, glad I am not the only one :)

  2. Too fun!

  3. I love these pictures though. The imperfectness is perfect!

  4. hehe.. so cute!

  5. no practice necessary, those are great!

  6. no you to look great!

  7. Visiting from embrace the camera….love that little boys sweet smile!

  8. Trying is the most important thing 😉 Your pictures turned out way cute!

  9. I know…. it is so much easier said than done! You two are adorable!

  10. Great pics of both of you!!

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