The Family Chauffer…

A lot of my day involves chauffeuring my family around.

To school….

On errands…

I love Luke’s face in this shot. He is such a ham!!

To the groomer…

I spend what seems like lots of my time in the car, but I sure do have cute passengers!

If I do say so myself.

{I didn’t take pictures while driving, by the way. J}

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  1. CUTE!!! What a good idea. Now the little ones will see what you do all day. They’ll be glad to be in school.

  2. love this and was just thinking today i needed a shot with all of us in the car! you’ve inspired me!

  3. love these pictures! what a great day of memories!

  4. LOVE the shot of Jack in the car seat! Priceless!!!

  5. The picture of the dog in the car seat is too funny. =) Great pictures!!

  6. I love that you thought to document this!! It’s such a large part of being a Mom and I think you’ll love having these pictures when your kids are all grown up!

  7. Love it! What a creative idea of capturing your day.

  8. What a clever and darling post, Cindy! I love your creativity!

  9. The dog in the carseat cracks me up too! I should take a picture when we get to the groomer and he jumps down and tries to hide under the seat!

  10. Thanks, Vicki!

  11. Very funny. You played the scroll down well. I didn’t expect to see the dog there :)

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