Sweet Dreams…

One of my favorite parts of the day, is going in an checking on the boys after they have fallen asleep. I never know what I am going to find when I open their doors.

Nine times out of ten Daniel is in some sort of incredibly uncomfortable looking position. He wraps himself up in his comforter like he’s in a cocoon.

Sometimes he will push his mattress to the side a bit and wedge himself between his mattress and the wall. Or in the summer we will find him sleeping on the floor.

I’m never quite sure how I will find Luke either. He usually looks comfy . But he is always surrounded by books and stuffed animals. He has also been turning on his radio every night and falling asleep to some good ole country music. J

I thought he looked too cute the other night when I walked in and found him passed out in the middle of reading a book.

Not just any book, but a 4 Parks of Disney World book.

Hopefully he was having sweet dreams of happy places!

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  1. Luke and I are dreaming about the same happy place! :)

    PS Checking on the kids at night is one of my favorites, too! Puts me at ease to know all my chickens are safe and sound in our coop!

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