Summer’s here… Now what?

I posted a few months back about my idea for organizing our summer

Schedule free is great to an extent, but it doesn’t always work around here. I have a certain seven year old in my house that needs to stay busy, so I’m giving this a shot to organize our days a bit. There is still plenty of room for chilling and doing a whole lot of nothing.  


I decorated our Summer board with Phineas and Ferb. Whenever I think of Summer Vacation, I can’t help but think of those guys and how they come up with great things to do each day. Our days, however will probably not involve surfing tidal waves, creating nanobots or locating Frankenstein’s brain.  That could be fun though! 

I have given a theme to each day, so that we have some direction.  We have Movie Time Monday (go the library and check out books/movies), Terrific Tuesday (some sort of outing- park, zoo, etc. or a project) Wacky Wednesday (water play, some sort of sensory play) and this is also our day for chores and errands- like groceries, Theme Day Thursday (Pajama Day, Ice cream Day, Sixties day, etc.- we’ll do all sorts of things around the theme). We also have an ‘I need to find something to do’ pocket for those times when “There’s nothing to do!”  Goodness knows the kids sometimes need ideas on what to do at certain points in the day! 


There are several cards in each pocket with activity ideas. I’ll have the boys pull a card for each day at the beginning of the week, so I can get the things together in advance for the day. 


I got a lot of the craft ideas from Family Fun Magazine, which is such a great magazine. And I got most of the Theme Day ideas from Whittaker Woman. She does great Family nights with her family and I plan on using a lot of her ideas for our theme days. 

I was going to use cute library pockets, but I never went and bought them, so I used scrapbook paper. I think library pockets would probably hold up better, though. 

I know there are far more creative people out there that could take this idea and tweak it and make it better or cuter, but this is what we’re giving a shot this summer. D3 is very excited about it, so we’ll see how it goes! 

Summer Idea Cards

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