My kids have style…

Here is the lovely ensemble that the little one insisted on wearing the other day:

In the house mind you. We hadn’t been anywhere. He just wanted his coat, with his diaper, and two different shoes (one being a 2 sizes too small water shoe).

It reminded me of a few months back, when he was insistent on this look:

I think he was going for the “Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes on Friends” look.  Do you remember that episode? I love it. Could I *be* wearing any more clothes?


And I can’t leave out my first born:

I love this look- I think it shows off his favorites from all four seasons.

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  1. Cindy, Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and for your thoughts and prayers. Would you mind to also leave a comment on Eli’s blog? It is the only way that the entire family can know the love and prayers that go out for them, and they need that right now. I know that every comment will be an encouragment to them. Thank you!

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