Mommy, Mommy…

We had our Mom’s Celebration at school this week. The kids sang cute songs for the moms and we had a little snack together. Luke was a wild man, which is par for the course here lately. He was full of intense expressions through all of the songs.

His energy is through the roof lately. Here is a bit of a video where he’s sweetly singing (and rocking) instead of being a nut.  :)

Mommy, Mommy I love you!

All of the classes made aprons for the moms and I made a little cookbook for the moms in my class. It turned out so cute!

I asked all of the kids what their favorite food was that their mom made and how to make it and then I compiled them together into a cookbook. It’s really hard to show how cute they turned out, because I blurred out all the personal info. Underneath where it says ________’s mom I pasted a picture that they drew of their mom.

The apron that Luke (and his teacher ;)) made is precious!  It has both of our handprints and she embroidered Mommy and Me on the top.  Cute stuff.  :) 

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  1. Borrowing the cook book idea! :)

  2. Love the new “Spring” look.

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