embrace the camera…

I have not embraced the camera in quite a while, so I decided we needed a little mommy and sons picture.

We tried to snap a self portrait on our way out of the door to the kid’s church Christmas Party.

Luke found the weather outside to be ‘fweezin’ so he grabbed himself a hat. J

I hate having my picture made, but I always love a semi-decent pic of me and my boys!

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  1. These photos of you and your boys are simply precious!!!!

  2. too cute!

  3. It’s a great pic! I love it :o)

  4. this is total cutie pic of you and your scrumptious boys!

  5. So cute!

  6. Jennifer@TeamRoberts says:

    haha, ‘fweezin’. I love their own way of saying some words. Cute picture! =)

  7. CUTE! and i love it when they see “fweezin”. I love it.

  8. great photo!

  9. Very cute picture! You have such handsome boys :)

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