Looking back, Looking forward…

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get back to blogging the past few months, and I’ve decided to just do it! To just start writing. And the first day of the new year seems fitting to both look back and look forward.
Looking back…
It’s been a little over 4 months since I’ve updated my blog. Luke has gone from a crying, scared little boy on the first day, to a wonderful, school loving, December student of the month. He really likes school, is learning so much and takes it so seriously!


Daniel is loving school as well and in true Daniel style has made tons of new friends. His grades are awesome and he’s loving running in the Running Club at his school. He ran his first 5K back in November.
Dan is loving the new church. He’s enjoying the work and the sweet people.
I just knew when we moved that I would get a job and all of our pieces would fall nicely into place. I had a couple of interviews this summer, but still nothing. I was told at one interview that I was 1 of 517 applicants. So, to say that getting a teaching job here is difficult is an understatement. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been very down in the dumps about not having my own classroom. It’s been hard to send both of my children off to school and be left with an empty house during the day. The lack of paycheck is difficult as well. I’ve subbed a little and fortunately I got a part job working in a 4th grade classroom 2 1/2 days a week. I’m hoping between the two things, it will help me get my foot in the door and in my own classroom soon.

December has helped my mood tremendously. I just love it. It is our craziest month times 10, but I love the holiday season! December was full of carols, elf antics, birthdays, family, and of course Christmas!


The boys were in the children’s Christmas pageant at church and they did such an awesome job! Daniel was the angel Gabriel, sang in the choir, a trio and played the piano on two songs. I was really impressed. He still hasn’t had piano lessons, but has taught himself numerous Christmas songs. Luke has learned a lot of Christmas songs on the piano as well, but he is constantly singing a carol. My favorite might be “O Well” aka “Noel”.


Jeremy, Santa’s elf returned and the kids were thrilled. Luke got up early every morning to find him and cried when he left. :( Jeremy even made a one day return for Luke’s birthday on the 27th.


Daniel turned ten on the 17th, which seems impossible. I’ve been at this parenting thing for a decade now! Daniel invited a few boys over for a bonfire the weekend before his birthday. It was fun! The boys roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. They also ran around and played flashlight tag in the dark. It was declared an awesome birthday party, so that’s good! :)


Luke chose to make his own birthday cake and have family pizza and movie night. I thought it was so sweet that he wanted us to all be together to celebrate his special day. Both boys requested scavenger hunts to find their birthday presents. Their awesome Daddy came up with clues that lead them around to their gifts. Fun!


We’ve had lots of family time lately which has been great! We started at Thanksgiving with Dan’s parents (oh, and we snuck in one day at Disney when we were visiting), visited both of my grandparents, my parents were here for Christmas and Dan’s brother and family came for New Years! Lots of fun!


Christmas was great as well. The boys loved their gifts and were very appreciative. We had a low, key relaxing day and it was just perfect!

Looking ahead…
2013 is going to be great, I’m declaring it so! Ha! I really don’t know what it will bring, but I’m praying for positive things for our little fam. I’m going to continue to try and focus on my blessings over my trials (ugh, why isn’t that easier?), keep things simple, and have peace become stronger than stress! Tall orders!
Happy 2013! May it be a good one!


The four blog posts that never were…

It’s pretty obvious that I’ve had a hard time blogging since I got my new job. There have been dozens upon dozens of times that I’ve sat down to blog and just haven’t been able to focus on it. So, here are four blog posts in rapid form.

#1 Post: Luke and the Cowboy Birthday Party…

Luke had a ball at one of his best buddy’s birthday parties.  He wanted no part of riding the horse, but he rode the little wagon.  And was much too busy for a picture!

#2 Post: Wordless Wednesday: Hatman…

#3 Post: Our Awesome Thanksgiving…

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break at Dan’s brother’s house. I didn’t take very many pictures there, but we all had a wonderful time! There was lots of playing, children, food, shopping and movie watching.

The day before Thanksgiving we headed down to Legoland for the day. It was a surprise for the kiddos and they were so excited!

We had such a great time. The boys sweetly held hands and walked around. I had to take a picture to document such a momentous occasion. J

#4 Post: Wordless Wednesday: Back from the Library…

So Long, Summer Vacation…

Our summer has come to an end and I can’t believe it. It went by too fast!! D3 starts back to school Monday morning. We went to meet his teacher last week and she seems great. He’s going to a new school this year {Intermediate~ 3rd, 4th, 5th} and I really can’t believe he is in THIRD grade! Time goes too fast when you have little kids. His bag is packed and his clothes are ready to go. It’s going to be so hard getting back into that school schedule!

Our Summer Vacation Chart is back in the closet awaiting next year <tear>.

We’ve had such a fun, relaxing summer. We’ve really taken it easy.

Our summer has been full of too much ice cream,

several park trips,


A couple of movie theater visits,

Cars 2

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2

some pool time,

time at the lake,

fun at the beach,

And much more! So long summer vacation!!

This time last week…

I was…

Eating too much food,

Sipping and stroking,


And relaxing.

While my boys were doing this….

having a {despicable, tent-filled, fishy weekend}
click the link for my hubby’s recount of the weekend

Now I’m back to reality.

Thankfully, it’s a pretty good reality.

*Thanks Momma for the fun weekend and Dan for being such a great husband and father!*

Anniversary Weekend {etc}…

We had a wonderful anniversary weekend. It totally revolved around relaxing and eating and doing whatever the heck we wanted. Including sleeping until 10:30. I don’t think I’ve done that since I was a teenager!

We have vowed everyone to secrecy with our trip location, because the kids would have a fit! Dan’s parents live in central Florida, so we dropped them off with Grandma and Grandpa and headed to stay at the House of Mouse.

We went and did things like staying at a bit of a nicer hotel {although the kids would have LOVED it there!} We usually stay at Pop Century, which is great because we’re usually park hopping.

And we went to Epcot and went to all of the countries and even all of the shops that I’m always too nervous to take the kids in!

We ate a yummy lunch in Mexico. They just redid this restaurant and it was very good. We were able to sit right on the water and it was so nice.

We walked around and rode Soarin’ {I had never riden this one because Luke can’t ride it yet, but it was fun!} and watched Captain EO, which was like being teleported back into the 80s- it was great. Cheesy, but great. J

We took the day at such a nice, easy pace! They gave us Anniversary buttons, so everyone told us Happy Anniversary. Ha! J

We ate dinner at the Rose & Crown in England and it was so good. I had Shepherd’s Pie and could have literally liked the bowl. But I refrained.

They sang All You Need is Love to us since it was our anniversary. It was cute.

Saturday was my glorious sleeping until 10:30 morning, so we got ready and went to eat lunch and shop Downtown Disney.

I’ve warned that this trip was a lot about food! After we shopped, we headed back to our hotel to watch the Florida/Tennessee game. After the game, we got ready for dinner and headed over to the Yacht Club to look around. Super nice hotel.

We ate dinner at the Captain’s Grille, which was awesome. It’s definitely made it up toward the top of our list of restaurants at Disney. We went down to the pool area after dinner, which was nice. The kids would have LOVED it there. There were all sorts of slides and fun things there.

We packed up the next morning and headed out to pick up our kiddos~ who wanted no part of us or going home! They were having entirely too much fun with grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. My sister in law took some pictures of my kids in their bounce house {thanks, Amanda!}. I think they had a grand time!

After our relaxing weekend, we made the 6 hour trek home. I really think it feels twice as long when you are going home! I thought we would never get back. And we entered right back into reality.

The relaxation and quiet sure was fun while it lasted!

I’m also linking this on {embrace the camera} this week- note there are 2 pictures of me and Dan in this post. This must be some sort of record. :)

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