Looking back, Looking forward…

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get back to blogging the past few months, and I’ve decided to just do it! To just start writing. And the first day of the new year seems fitting to both look back and look forward.
Looking back…
It’s been a little over 4 months since I’ve updated my blog. Luke has gone from a crying, scared little boy on the first day, to a wonderful, school loving, December student of the month. He really likes school, is learning so much and takes it so seriously!


Daniel is loving school as well and in true Daniel style has made tons of new friends. His grades are awesome and he’s loving running in the Running Club at his school. He ran his first 5K back in November.
Dan is loving the new church. He’s enjoying the work and the sweet people.
I just knew when we moved that I would get a job and all of our pieces would fall nicely into place. I had a couple of interviews this summer, but still nothing. I was told at one interview that I was 1 of 517 applicants. So, to say that getting a teaching job here is difficult is an understatement. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been very down in the dumps about not having my own classroom. It’s been hard to send both of my children off to school and be left with an empty house during the day. The lack of paycheck is difficult as well. I’ve subbed a little and fortunately I got a part job working in a 4th grade classroom 2 1/2 days a week. I’m hoping between the two things, it will help me get my foot in the door and in my own classroom soon.

December has helped my mood tremendously. I just love it. It is our craziest month times 10, but I love the holiday season! December was full of carols, elf antics, birthdays, family, and of course Christmas!


The boys were in the children’s Christmas pageant at church and they did such an awesome job! Daniel was the angel Gabriel, sang in the choir, a trio and played the piano on two songs. I was really impressed. He still hasn’t had piano lessons, but has taught himself numerous Christmas songs. Luke has learned a lot of Christmas songs on the piano as well, but he is constantly singing a carol. My favorite might be “O Well” aka “Noel”.


Jeremy, Santa’s elf returned and the kids were thrilled. Luke got up early every morning to find him and cried when he left. :( Jeremy even made a one day return for Luke’s birthday on the 27th.


Daniel turned ten on the 17th, which seems impossible. I’ve been at this parenting thing for a decade now! Daniel invited a few boys over for a bonfire the weekend before his birthday. It was fun! The boys roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. They also ran around and played flashlight tag in the dark. It was declared an awesome birthday party, so that’s good! :)


Luke chose to make his own birthday cake and have family pizza and movie night. I thought it was so sweet that he wanted us to all be together to celebrate his special day. Both boys requested scavenger hunts to find their birthday presents. Their awesome Daddy came up with clues that lead them around to their gifts. Fun!


We’ve had lots of family time lately which has been great! We started at Thanksgiving with Dan’s parents (oh, and we snuck in one day at Disney when we were visiting), visited both of my grandparents, my parents were here for Christmas and Dan’s brother and family came for New Years! Lots of fun!


Christmas was great as well. The boys loved their gifts and were very appreciative. We had a low, key relaxing day and it was just perfect!

Looking ahead…
2013 is going to be great, I’m declaring it so! Ha! I really don’t know what it will bring, but I’m praying for positive things for our little fam. I’m going to continue to try and focus on my blessings over my trials (ugh, why isn’t that easier?), keep things simple, and have peace become stronger than stress! Tall orders!
Happy 2013! May it be a good one!


The winding down of summer…

Summer has come to an end and the kiddos are heading to school in the morning. I’m both ready and not. I’ve enjoyed our time together this summer and am not ready for my littlest man to head to Kindergarten! I think I could handle another year at home with him. :) He’s ready though. I’m curious to see how he reacts in the morning…. I’m not sure he will go easily.

The last part of our summer has involved a lot of chillin’ indoors~ thanks to hot temps and daily thunderstorms. It’s been crazy!

We also had a quick trip up to the lake.


I am now halfway to 70 as my dad so nicely pointed out on my birthday. :)

Poor little Luke caught a fever virus twice in two weeks. He was miserable, but thankfully it didn’t last long either time.

We got together the boys school supplies which was an insane amount of stuff. They always kept the list fairly short where we lived before, but not here! We had to buy uniform clothes too. Daniel was not too thrilled with the uniform idea.

The boys are warming right up to the new area. Daniel has already gone to two different boys houses to play. He was super excited to find out that he is in the same class as one of his church buddies. It should be a pretty cool year for him. His class is an inquiry based class and he will share a table with one other child and they will share a computer. I’m excited to see how this goes!
Daniel was running around the school like he owned it by the end of meet your teacher the other night. Luke…not so much. He was super excited all day long until we got there.  A lot of people and activity really shuts him down, so he wanted no part of it. He finally warmed up and went in to met his new teacher. He already knows a little girl in his room from church and our neighbor will be in another K class, so that may be helpful!

Bad self portraits before Meet the Teacher  :)

Well, summer is done and fall is here…ready or not!

Summer, lately…

This has been quite the summer! Newness, stress, happiness, and fun abound!

We’ve been on our park hunt and the kids have found a pretty cool little one down the road a bit that they really enjoy. They’ve also been enjoying riding their bikes on the trail.

The boys are loving our neighbors kittens {Luke especially}. He carries one of the little kittens like a baby. He will even sit on the porch and pet it while it naps on him!


We also have had a fun week with cousins! They came to visit us for a week and it rained the entire time they were here.  I think the boys still managed to have a lot of fun!!


In a week’s time…

What a week we have had! We are all moved in and I think we will be unpacking boxes for a while!

Getting here was a crazy adventure involving loud partiers at a hotel, fleas, sleeping on floors, never ending packing, dead batteries, a rabies shot the minute we hit the new area (thankfully for the dog   :-) ), a quiet hotel, loads of people at the new house to help move in, a stocked fridge and pantry, homemade cookies and lunch and dinner delivered by our fabulous congregation. Whirlwind is an understatement. It was honestly awful getting here, but it has been great since we have arrived.
My parents took Daniel and Luke on vacation with them for the week last week and that was so awesome. The boys had a ball and missed out on the rough travels here.

Here are a few glimpses into our week this past week:


My dad texted me pics of the boys all through the week, which was fun!  Here they are above at the Braves game.  They got to run the bases afterwards too, which is pretty cool.


They stayed in Atlanta for a couple of days and went to the Aquarium one day.  The boys loved it there!  {And hopefully behaved~ it sure does look Daniel has Luke in a choke-hold ;-)}


My parents and the boys stopped by the new house on their way down to the beach.  They got to see that their stuff did make the move and then they headed down to tons of fun at the condo.  Dan and I even snuck down their one afternoon/evening.  Who could resist our little fellows calling and asking if we could come see the “lazy river?”  Not us!  Especially after days and days of packing and loading and unloading and unpacking.  It was a fun little break.


The boys are back home now and one of my new favorite views is from the kitchen window.  We have a nice yard with great farm views and I love seeing my boys running around in the yard.

We celebrated Dan’s birthday with a big seafood lunch, homemade birthday banners and ice cream sundaes {shown extremely blurrily above}

We are also on a park tour this summer.  There are several parks near us, so we have made a list and are checking it off~ seeing which one the kiddos like best.

What a week!  Sometimes nothing much happens in a week’s time and other weeks whole worlds are changed.  It has definitely been a world changing week for us!!


Summer, so far…

Our summer so far has been filled with a zoo trip,

watching movies and snuggling,


playing so hard at our friend’s house that we fall asleep on the couch,

making chocolate cupcakes for our friends,

drinking out of plastic cups because we’ve packed up our real cups {and renaming ourselves Hammer and phonetically writing that name on a cup: Hmr ;)},

playing in half empty rooms,

building train tracks with friends on the porch during Mommy and Daddy’s yard sale,

and packing, packing, packing!!!!

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