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Summer, the end…

Well, summer has come to a close.  I’ve got one boy that is thrilled that school is starting and one that would like summer to keep going!  They went and met their teachers last week.  I really wanted pictures by their classrooms, but I totally forgot!  They are excited about their teachers and I think it’s going to be a good 1st and 5th grade year!


Our summer somewhat started to sputter at the end of July/beginning of August.  I got a job as an assistant preschool teacher at an elementary school. I’ve had all sorts of meetings and workshops. I’m excited to be back in pre-k even if it’s not my own room…hopefully someday soon.  But as for now, I’m happy to be at a great school with pre-k kiddos… and insurance.  Whoop!
We did a few fun things…like going to the lake and doing a bunch of swimming!  Luke took off swimming once he got a nice pair of goggles.  He loved it!


We also went on a picnic where a squirrel came too close to our table and scarred the heck out of poor Luke. Ha!
Favorites from week nine:
Daniel- Going to Chuck E. Cheese
Luke- Going to Chuck E. Cheese
*Brave Daddy had a boy’s day and took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese, since the dollar movie was sold out.  :)


Luke has really gotten into Curious George again and is forever watching it on Netflix and doing crafts that he sees on the show.  He was so proud of the hat he made that held his snacks. :-)


We were able to go to a Casting Crowns concert with our church this summer, which was really great.  I think the whole family enjoyed the evening.


We stopped by the golden arches after the concert and discovered chocolate dipped cones for a dollar.  A yummy and dangerous discovery!
Favorites of week ten:
Daniel- Swimming at the pool.
Luke- Swimming in the pool.

My parents  came into town on my birthday weekend and we had such a fun time.  We swam all day, ate dinner, and went to a light show where the boys had a ball dancing!


Daniel doing the YMCA and Luke dancing barefoot.  That boy can’t stand to have on shoes!
Favorites of week eleven:
Daniel- Swimming all day and the light show.
Luke- Dancing at the light show.
I didn’t take a single picture during the last week of summer.  The boys played all day and went to see Planes with a friend one day.  Dan took them to the dentist on his day off { I know how tough that can be!} And then we went putt putt down by the beach when I got off of work.
Favorites of week twelve:
Daniel- Going to my friend’s house and watching Planes.
Luke- Going putt putt.
It’s been a fun summer, but I’m ready for the structure that school brings.  Except for the lunch making…ugh the lunch making…

Summer, month two…

Summer is dragging to a close in these parts.  It’s been a fun one.  The boys have become professional relaxers, but are ready for the routine that school brings.  We’ve done lots,but not everything from our Summer Vacation Chart.
The boys were itching to do the Mentos experiment with Diet Pepsi.  Sometimes {most times} it’s the little things!


Favorites of week five…
Daniel~ Daddy’s birthday at Peg Leg Pete’s.
Luke~ Going to the Zoo.


We had an eventful beginning of July.  We went for a fun week’s visit to Dan’s parent’s house to celebrate the 4th with family.  We were at the beach the first day and Dan started getting dizzy.  He went to bed and it started getting worse.  It was to the point that he couldn’t lift his head off of the pillow without passing out.  We ended up having to call an ambulance and spending a chunk of the day in the ER.  He was diagnosed with a severe case of vertigo and was given a ton of meds.  I had no idea vertigo could be so bad, but he was a super sick guy during our trip!  The boys managed to have a great time with their cousins.


Favorites of week six…
Daniel~Playing Minecraft with my cousins at Grandma and Grandpa’s.
Luke~ Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

While we were away dealing with medical problems, our dog was being boarded at his vet and had an onset of glaucoma so bad that he had to have his eye removed! When it rains it pours I suppose.


His recovery was almost out of the reach of my nursing abilities {read: I have a weak stomach!}, but he is doing great now.  As energetic as ever!

The week after we returned from our trip, our sister in law and kiddos came to stay for the week.  The kids couldn’t wait for summer cousin fun…and I think they all had a ball!!


Favorites of week seven…
Daniel~ Splash park with my cousins.
Luke~ Splash park with my cousins.


The following week was VBS,which is one of my favorite weeks of the summer!  The boys had fun {of course}.  The girls brought the most money for our mission project, so they got to throw water balloons at Dan.  :-)  It’s one of Daniel’s last years as a participant {he’s getting too old!}  Luke was super pumped to be there.  Both boys love going to church and I’m very thankful for that!
Favorites of  week eight…
Daniel~ Water Fun Day.
Luke~ VBS.

Summer, month one…

We have been taking full advantage of summer this year. The kids are even sleeping in to 8:00, which is a big deal around here. I’ve starting inching up their bedtimes, though, so that the start of school won’t be quite so traumatic. Is that even possible?

We’ve gone back to our old faithful Summer Chart this year. The boys requested it and came up with most of the activities.

I actually changed this up a bit after I took the picture. Instead of days of the week, I have a Project, Library, Food Project, Field Trip, and Journal labels. We choose one thing from the 3 categories with choices at the beginning of the week and try to get those things done through the week. We also go to the library (we went a TON in June) and the boys write about their favorite thing of the week in their Summer Journal.

Right before we began our summer, our littlest man {who is entirely too big these days!} graduated Kindergarten.

We kicked off summer with a Lady Antebellum concert. It was super fun and everyone enjoyed themselves!

Favorites of week one:

Daniel~ Going swimming at a friend’s house and the day we went to Bass Pro Shop and had a popcorn bar.

Luke~ Popcorn candy bar

Daniel at Bass Pro Shops~ no pics of popcorn & candy :)

We had a garden for a brief amount of time this Spring/Summer. A sweet church member tilled and planted for us, but it was so big it soon became overwhelming and overgrown. Before that sad occurrence, we had a nice crop of snap beans. Luke decided to pick a bunch, bag them, and sell them at the church yard sale.

He sold all 4 bags in about 10 minutes, split the money with his brother and then sold his $2 for $3. Watch out for your wallets if Luke is near!

Favorites of week two:

Daniel~ When my friend came over to play.

Luke~ When I went to play at my friend’s house.

We took a fun trip to a nearby city for a picnic one day. We went to the park for a little while, before it got too hot. We ate a picnic lunch by the bay and stuck our feet in for a little bit, before driving around and stopping at the library. My boys LOVE the library. We went to a lot of the summer library programs and Luke even read to the library dog. He loves that dog!

We went and visited my parents also and Luke rode a horse. I need to get the pictures from that day! They are on my mom’s phone.

Favorites of week three:

Daniel~ Going to the creek and watching Luke ride a horse.

Luke~ Going to Buffalo Wild Wings.

We haven’t made nearly enough trips down to the beach, but the boys and I went down one day by ourselves. It was fun! Minus me missing my back with sunscreen for the first thirty or so minutes that we were there and then having such a yucky sunburn that I was sick for the next couple of days. Good grief!


Favorites of week four:

Daniel~ Helping make frames at church and going to the Wharf and seeing the light show.

Luke~ Going to the Wharf and dancing.

We have moved our Contemporary Service at church into the gym. Before we did that we made and put up sound panels. Daniel went up and put in a full day and a half of work on those panels and was very proud of himself.

We also met the Children’s Ministry out at the Wharf for their summer light show. All of the kids had a ball!! They were dancing and finished off the night with ice cream. All of my pictures from the actual show are a blur of dancing.  😀 We got there early {that’s a first!}, so Dan and the boys rode the Ferris wheel. Luke wanted no part of it to begin with, but then decided he didn’t want to miss out and just made it before they took off.

Well, I think that’s enough of a recap for now! Summer, month two… coming soon!

Daniel at 10…

Daniel is a whole decade now! It’s hard for me to believe, of course.

He’s such a sweet, friendly boy and here are some of his favorites at 10:
Color: black
TV show: Duck Dynasty
Place: Disney World– he is ours for sure!
Food: Creamy Italian Chicken
Drink: lemonade
Restaurant: El Paso
Part of school: P.E.
Book: Star Wars the Clone Wars character encyclopedia
Thing to play: Legos and figures


He’s such a smart boy and is doing well in school. He seems to be fitting right in at the new school. He ran his second 5K this weekend and beat his last time by 6 minutes. They have a running club at his school and he really enjoys being a part of that.

Daniel loves our new church and is enjoying the children’s choir. He’s playing Jesus in the upcoming program. He has so many lines to memorize!!  He’s also still teaching himself piano and doing very well.
He started wearing glasses about 6 weeks ago. We knew that day would eventually come! Thankfully a lot of his friends wear glasses also, so it’s not that big of a deal. He still loves the computer and reading. He likes watching Ninja Turtles (and being silly) with his little brother.

Daniel is a kind boy, is fun to be around, and has been a joy as a part of our family this past decade!

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